The client


The peculiarity of the product is that the watch looks like a colorful and lively bracelet, but it show the time when touched. Hence the idea of associating the product with the concept of "Different Time", the concept behind communication on all channels. The values that the brand wants to convey are therefore those of freedom, of living without constraints and of fully enjoying one's time.

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The briefing

How to combine Real Time with such a "different" vision of time?

The solution

BEWE took up the challenge, interpreting the various events with irony or punctuality and allowing Zitto to be present on the market in a decisive manner, but also to better explain its idea of "Different Time".

Social media management

Zitto is passionate about TV series and cinema, he lives in the present and likes to share his thoughts. So what's better than talking with a bit of irony about one of the sagas to which his fanbase is certainly more attached? A way to say: "we are all part of the same group", "we understand each other".







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