The client

Juice Plus+

Many of us try to eat healthy every day, but we know that it is not always easy. Juice Plus+, with its 30 different types of fruit and vegetables, can help us bridge the gap between what we eat and what we should eat every day.

Content creation, Visual design, Adv, Community management, Brand Awareness, Social listening, Brand Identity

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The briefing

Juice Plus+ was looking for a new creative agency that would build its online presence in an organic, fun and audience-friendly way.
It also wanted to be closer to its target audience and people interested in starting a more Juicy life.

The solution

An ad hoc editorial plan, with a content mix of informative posts and more playful posts (quizzes, the perfect lunch box, you knew that...), along with a CSR blog, JuicyLife. All this contributes to creating a coordinated and real image of the product and the people who use it in their lives.







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