Empower the brand by fully engaging your collaborators

Enhance internal communication, attract and retain talents, strengthen external communication by increasing organic traffic and conversions – these are just a few of the results you can achieve with Brand Booster.

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Why Brand Booster?

Untapped potential within your company

Brand Booster maximizes the potential of positive word-of-mouth and employee engagement, taking corporate communication to a new level. A comprehensive package of tailored technology and consulting, specifically designed for medium to large-sized companies aiming to fully embrace this extraordinary opportunity.

3 simple steps to success

1. Onboarding

Engagement of initial participants and access to the employee brand advocacy program.

2. Takeoff

Advocates start sharing and participating in activities proposed by the editorial team by sharing content on their own social channels.

3. Gamification & Engagement

Participants accumulate points and unlock badges as a reward for their activities. The company begins to generate organic awareness.

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Examples within each competency area

Engage every single member of your team with meaningful communication. Cultivate a strong corporate culture.

Find valuable candidates and reduce employee turnover. Measure employee engagement and what truly matters to them.

Generate credibility, awareness, leads, employee engagement, and save on advertising costs. Strengthen the brand, increase sales.

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Why it works?

It works because authentic communication happens between people.

How it works

Ease of use, gamification mechanisms, and clear KPIs are the main ingredients.

Extreme ease of use.

We designed the interface following the logics of major social media, making it immediately familiar from the first access.

App Version

Collaborators participate in and promote your brand conveniently from any location with mobile access and push notifications.

  • Everyone can join the program wherever they are!
  • Automated push notifications to stimulate participant activity.
  • All the features of the web version.

Clear KPIs and full control.

No more Excel sheets and emails to put together! With Brand Booster, a clear and detailed view of the success of your employee brand advocacy program is not just simple. You can assess key metrics, track the ROI of your initiatives, and make improvements based on the results obtained.

  • You will be able to assess key metrics,
  • Track the ROI of your initiatives,
  • Make any improvements based on the results obtained.


We turn your team's commitment into an engaging and fun experience. Gamification promotes the development of regular sharing habits. Through contests, leaderboards, rewards, and point systems, we turn the experience of content sharing into a real game, engaging participants to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

Targeted Engagement

We know that every department and hierarchical level has different needs. With our group creation feature, you can tailor the tone, message, and content to meet the expectations of each group, creating relevant content for their respective audiences. With Brand Booster, everyone can become social media experts.

Customize your Brand Booster installation according to your needs.

Advocates can create personalized blog articles enriched with video and photo material. The produced content will be published in the dashboard section, where other participants can view them, interact with likes, save them to their collections, and comment on them. Those who publish the content can earn points for both the publication itself and the likes received.

Upload educational videos and articles, assign points for content viewing, and create quizzes to assess learning.

An interaction space for program participants where they can share images, videos, and texts with other advocates.

In addition to sharing, there are other ‘missions’ or activities available to earn points and climb the leaderboard, such as:

  • Invite a colleague: Invite a colleague to join the Brand Booster community.
  • Quiz: Learn more about your employees through interactive quizzes..
  • Content proposal: advocates can report news of interest to the community.
  • Complete your profile: Points can also be earned by completing your profile.

Innovazione nel marketing digitale

Our mission is to enable our clients to use digital marketing innovatively in strategic analysis, development, and communication on social media.

For our clients (major international brands), we have created strategies and content for advocacy and gamification projects, and thanks to this experience, we have developed a unique tool, Brand Booster.

For more information, visit the website www.bewe.it.

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