The client


Bewital is a German company that produces high-quality pet food.
Since 2017, BEWE has been responsible for social communication on the Italian market of its brands: BELCANDO® and LEONARDO®.

Content creation, Visual design, Adv, Community management, Brand Awareness, Micro Influencer Marketing

Managed Pages:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The briefing

Bewital approached Bewe in 2017 for Brand Awareness and Community Management of Bewital brands with the aim of increasing brand awareness in the Italian market.

The solution

Bewe was responsible for managing the social communication of the Brand, focusing mainly on the Facebook channel.
The goal was to tell the brands through their values and philosophy, emphasizing not only the product, but above all the lifestyle.
Quality of ingredients and quality of time spent with four-legged friends: these are the key concepts on which BEWE has developed social communication.

Social media management

Visual, tone of voice and precise terminologies, able to tell the brands in a coherent way creating a real "distinctive sign" and immediately recognizable by users.


Reactions in one year


Comments in one year

Copy, visuals, interactions

Engaging Audience

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