the client

Parco Poesia Pascoli

The Park Poesia Pascoli unites two points of remembrance of Giovanni Pascoli and his poetry: Villa Torlonia (La Torre) and the native house of the poet, today Museo Casa Pascoli. A Cultural Project promoted by the Municipality with the aim of promoting Giovanni Pascoli’s poetry connected to San Mauro, his home village and a territory and its excellences.


Web Design , Web Development

The briefing

The client has relied BEWE on a plan for the care, conservation and improvement of the website. The objective was to create a user-friendly and interactive website in order to publicize this cultural project for the users.

The solution

In this project, BEWE was responsible for a complete restyling of the website and the communication style in order to highlight the visual part, enhancing the contents and creating interactive maps in which the user can view each part of the structure.