The client


In 1950 in Germany, was presented creamy cheese with a full-bodied taste and a practical packing, which has immediately conquered German’s heart. Historically known as Milka, the brand has rapidly taken the name of their famous sandwiches Milkana proved to be very popular among kids and adults, thanks to its tasty favor and its packaging in round box.


Web Design , Web Development

The briefing

Milkana has become a brand that is recognized and appreciated internationally. To celebrate 60 years of its history, they decided to revitalize the brand thanks to a relaunch of the brand with the aim of preserving and handing down over the years, the passion for its products.

The solution

BEWE realized a website which convey values and traditions of the brand. A responsive website and appealing graphics, cured in the user experience field in order to ensure a great navigation experience. BEWE also took care of the search engine optimization part to strengthen the brand’s web presence.