The Client

Chicco Artsana

A world market leader in baby products, Chicco is the true multi-specialist of the baby world, with more than 50 years of experience.


Content creation, Visual design, Social adv, Community management – Social Caring, Crisis management , Social listening

Managed Pages:

  • Facebook Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and International 

The briefing

The brand aimed to optimize the management of publications on the page, comments, and to ensure tracking of interactions. So that timely interventions could be made to settle any critical issues. In addition, an overhaul of editorial content was required in order to highlight better the brand's values.

The solution

  • Revision proposal of the style guide that would allow Chicco's posts to be instantly recognizable.
  • Introduction of different theme headings that would allow a lot more empathy between the moments of life with the baby and the situations narrated by the brand.
  • Positioning the Chicco brand as the top of mind during the most salient moments of a child's birth and growth.

Social media management

  • Implementation of preventive planning on a monthly basis for posts, so as to optimize the time for validation and publication of content.
  • The ticket system, essential to be able to track every interaction on the pages and allows direct communication between the Community Manager and Customer Care.

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Copy, visuals, interactions

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