Employee Brand Advocacy

A good social media strategy should aim not only for an increase in followers but, above all, for engagement. Social media is a tool to make oneself known as a brand and create meaningful connections with people. Through active user involvement, it’s possible to transform them from followers to prospects and ultimately from prospects to customers. We are talking about Employee Brand Advocacy.


Employee Brand Advocacy


Employees as brand advocates

The LinkedIn page and official social channels of the company are certainly very important, but there is significant potential in the personal networks of those who work within the company: employees, representatives, consultants, executives – all of them have their own social profiles.

A study conducted by LinkedIn reveals that content generates twice the engagement when shared directly by employees through their personal profiles rather than the company profile.

To leverage this potential, it is ideal to have a brand advocacy platform that provides employees with all the content to share, well-organized and available in one place. Without a dedicated platform, it is highly likely that the company’s employee brand advocacy plan cannot be carried out consistently and continuously over time.

The social connections of individuals amplify the brand’s visibility, enhancing the quality of interactions and traffic to the company’s website. The brand message will be visible not only to the followers of the institutional profile but will also reach all the people who are part of your network of advocates.


Our Employee Brand Advocacy platform

Brand Booster, our Employee Brand Advocacy platform, has been designed to make its usage extremely simple, both for administrators and advocates. The learning curve is zero. Its user interface and operational logic are a simplified version of social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Not having to ask advocates to learn how to use a new tool greatly facilitates the onboarding process and allows them to focus on the proposed activities (also called missions or challenges), such as sharing content.

Advocates entering the platform will find ready-to-share content. They can edit the text before sharing or suggest new content in an intuitive and fast manner.

Here is an example of a LinkedIn and Facebook sharing challenge.

If set up correctly, the effort to engage and keep program participants active becomes minimal due to the Win-Win mechanism that is triggered.

There are two main levers that ensure a large and active participation of advocates:

  • Personal Branding: The opportunity to enhance one’s professional image on social media through the availability of ready (or nearly ready) content; it will be a simple and quick way to showcase one’s talent, qualities, and the importance of the company for which they work, especially for those who don’t have time to dedicate to social media or are afraid of not being perfectly in line with the company guidelines.
  • Gamification: Play and healthy competition are excellent tools to unleash enthusiasm and increase engagement. That’s why Brand Booster has a ranking mechanism (leaderboard) with scores and badges to unlock.

Is your company already considering a brand advocacy program? If yes, contact us, and we will help you take the first steps in this world full of opportunities, thanks to our experience and our dedicated platform, Brand Booster.