Bewe introduces Brand Booster, the new platform that amplifies your brand awareness. It is designed for companies selling their products and services through a network of sellers, stores, agencies, or dealers.

With Brand Booster, you can establish a much closer relationship with your sales network.

Indeed, you can leverage the advocacy of your sales network, increasing their engagement, and turning retailers into ambassadors for your brand on social media.

Strengthen your current social media marketing strategy by guiding your advocates in sharing content consistent with the brand’s values.

Provide guidelines to enhance their brand awareness and guide them in sharing and growing on social media.

You will stimulate their enthusiasm and pride in being part of the brand, achieving visible results in terms of brand awareness.

Thanks to the use of the platform, it will finally be possible to have a synergy of language across all channels, and your message will reach the end customers correctly and comprehensively.

Developing a shared communication system with the entire sales network is essential to ensure a better brand positioning and maintain a uniform and consistent communication.

In this way, you can strengthen your digital presence, creating a strong and united community throughout the territory.

Brand Booster is very easy to use: just three simple steps to take your brand to the next level.

1. Onboarding

First, you will invite your national or global sales network to join the platform. We will help you create an onboarding program based on a virtuous mechanism of rewards, recognitions, and valuable content, always maintaining a high level of participation.

2. Content and Activities

You can have our support in creating a content schedule that aligns with your strategy and is perfect for your advocates and your network, such as an educational video to learn effective sales techniques, visual content that members of your network can share with their followers.

You can invite members of your community to express their opinions through surveys or quizzes to keep engagement high and gain valuable firsthand insights.

The possibilities are endless!

3. Results 

When community members start sharing the content proposed on the platform, brand awareness, website traffic, and sales will increase.

The platform will provide constantly updated data to have control and visibility over the community’s growth, the content published by each sales point, the most popular content, and much more!

It’s a real win-win strategy: the brand will have the certainty that the sales network will communicate the products and services optimally, and the seller will have the support of the brand to make their work more effective.

Using Brand Booster offers many advantages:

  • It is fully customizable, from the logo to the colors, to represent the brand comprehensively.
  • Easy to use, thanks to intuitive features and user-friendly graphics.
  • You can create clusters, or groups, to organize your network based on common interests or needs.”

Now that you know what it’s all about, all that’s left is to request a demonstration to try it out!

Do you want to enhance your brand? Ask Bewe, and together we’ll discover the strategy that suits you best.