BEWE launches the new website and its services offer communication dedicated to Digital Transformation.


BEWE was founded as a start-up in 2011 with the mission of enabling companies and associations. To use innovative digital marketing in the processes of strategic analysis, development and communication on social media, in a context oriented to a Digital Transformation.

The goal of Digital Transformation, which has accompanied BEWE since its inception, has also become its core value. BEWE has questioned itself, analysing the criticalities and strengths to improve in every aspects.

For this reason, in recent months the team has carried out an analysis project to understand how to pass on its philosophy and corporate values to current and potential customers.The result was a renewal of the website, which reflects the true nature of BEWE:

We wanted to give space to images that talked about us, to the results rather than to the manufacturing process, to the emotions and our enthusiasm”. Giovanni Frera, Vice President

The love and passion that the BEWE team dedicates to each project is undoubtedly what sets it apart from other companies in the digital world.

Being an agency of “agile” size, but always used to managing important projects, BEWE wants to convey the concept of “Boutique“. The elegance, attention to detail in every step of the production process, the customization of projects and the importance of relationships with its customers.

Relationships have one law. Never make people feel alone”.

BEWE has made this quote its own in order to express one of its founding values: the importance of every relationship with its customers and with the communities that manages for them.

A change that is also reflected in the payoff: from “Enable Digital Marketing” to “Empower Digital Marketing” to highlight the commitment to strengthen the digital positioning of customers. Thanks to the expertise of a highly qualified team, always attentive to new trends and strong of almost a decade of experience.

All BEWE’s work and activities are based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Telling tailor-made stories: the projects carried out are all unique and “Taylor made”, focused on listening to the briefing and respecting the brand.
  2. Taking care of the projects: the team is focused on the objectives and on the scheduling of the activities, concentrating its efforts on the quality of the result and on the care of the relationships.
  3. Working with a passionate team: passion, tenacity and curiosity are the keywords that accompany the history of BEWE and keep the team together. Different people, multiple skills, an explosion of interests, but… only one big heart!

BEWE, closing 2018 with a positive result and has set itself precise objectives for the new year. The growth of its customers makes it essential to grow internally in terms of skills but not only, BEWE also grows in the team with the arrival of 3 new professionals who will take care of new customers and that will grow this big family.