the client

I Giardini di Sacro Monte

The gardens of Sacro Monte eco-property with the help of two solid partners, Appian Investiment Partners & Arrow Global, has assisted to the resumption of the project known as “Giardini Sospesi” in Varese. Together, they’ve managed to transform and give a new energy to this project based on three fundamental concepts: continuity, quality and reliability.


Web Design, Web Development, Content Creation, Visual Design, Community Management, PR

The briefing

The client relied Bewe on the communication campaign of the relaunch and on the reopening of project “Giardini Sospesi” in Varese stayed in stand-bye for a long after the failure of failure of the previous company.

The solution

Bewe, considering the customer’s needs, created a website which would reflect the values and the rebirth of the company, enhancing the strengths of the project. Bewe has also studied a communication plan on the principal social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with visuals and tone of voice in line with the new concept and able to tell the story of the project to 360 degrees.