Il cliente

Giacomo Alessi

Giacomo Alessi devotes himself to the ancient art of ceramics in his workshop in Caltagirone. Giacomo Alessi ceramics are entirely made and decorated by hand. Each piece is unique and inimitable, the decorations are hand-painted with precious enamels and annealed by fire.


Web Design, Web Development, Visual design

Il briefing

The client relied on BEWE to create a campaign based on exclusivity. The aim of the campaign is to offer customers unique, limited edition works for a short period of time and exclusively online.

La soluzione

BEWE created a simple, intuitive and user-friendly landing page to communicate the limited-edition products and make them accessible to interested customers through an e-commerce. At the same time, it studied a social communication plan on the main channels such as Facebook and Instagram; with visuals and tone of voice in line with the new concept and able to tell the story of the products, their history and their uniqueness.

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