The client

CAIClub Alpino Italiano

The Italian Alpine Club (C.A.I) is the oldest and largest association of mountaineers and mountain enthusiasts in Italy. As stated in Article 1 of the Statute: "[...] founded in Turin in 1863 on the initiative of Quintino Sella, has for its purpose mountaineering in all its manifestations, the knowledge and study of mountains, especially Italian ones, and the defense of their natural environment”.


Web design, web development

The briefing

Create a site in accordance with the rules AGI and that allows you to group under itself the many autonomous sites in the sections and subsections of the club.

The solution

After having studied in depth the different ramifications, Bewe has created a mother site that would ensure usability according to the AGI rules and that would allow each section and subsection, belonging to the club, to recreate (even for less experienced) its own site within the main platform. In this way, the customer is able to control the management of subdomains and maintain a common language throughout the network.

The association counts:







The result