Empower Digital Marketing

BEWE was founded in 2011 with the mission to enable companies, firms and associations to use innovative digital marketing in the processes of strategic analysis, development and communication on social media, in a context oriented to a coherent digital transformation.

Today it continues its commitment with the aim of strengthening the digital positioning of its customers, thanks to the expertise of a highly qualified team, always attentive to new trends and with almost a decade of experience in the field.


The projects created by Bewe are all unique and “tailor-made”: they follow a path that focuses on the brief, go through the lens of digital strategists and the care of our art directors, and are entrusted to a dedicated operating team.


We have an agile structure, focused on objectives and on the scheduling of activities, with the aim of streamlining management and focusing our efforts on the quality of the agreed result and the care of relationships.


Passion, tenacity and curiosity are the keywords that accompany our history and keep our team united. Different people and stories, multiple skills, an explosion of interests, but… one big heart.

Bewe’s offer is completed by the training courses of the Bewe Academy, aimed at employees, customers, professionals and students. But that’s not all: thanks to the close link with two start-ups born in Bewe, our team has access to proprietary analysis, monitoring and profiling tools (Roialty) and a privileged relationship with the first community of reporters specializing in social reporting and brand journalism (Social Reporters).

We are family

In the beginning it was Bewe…
then they grew up to become two independent start-ups: