The concept of Employee Brand Advocacy is gaining increasing prominence in the modern business landscape. Recognizing and nurturing the best corporate Ambassadors has become a crucial aspect of solidifying the reputation and success of an organization. In this article, we will explore three fundamental steps to identify and empower the top Employee Advocates, transforming them into authentic brand spokespersons.

Understanding the Concept of Employee Brand Advocacy:

Before identifying the top Ambassadors, it is essential to fully understand what it means to be an “Employee Advocate.” In short, these are enthusiastic and passionate collaborators who, in addition to performing their tasks, actively engage in promoting and defending the company’s image. These internal ambassadors are valuable as they can positively influence public opinion and build an authentic connection with the audience.

Identifying Potential Employee Advocates:

The second crucial step is to identify employees who have the potential to become effective brand ambassadors. To pinpoint these talents within the company, various strategies can be employed:

  1. Monitoring Engagement and Participation: Observing employees’ online and offline activities can help identify those who are already actively engaged in promoting the company culture.
  2. Gathering Feedback: Asking for feedback and opinions from colleagues can reveal who is particularly passionate about their work and the company.
  3. Analysis of Online Presence: Examining employees’ online presence can reveal those who use social media or other platforms to share professional content about the company. These individuals could be excellent candidates to become corporate ambassadors.

Creating Training and Incentive Programs:

Once potential ambassadors have been identified, it is essential to invest in their training and incentivize them to take on the role of company advocates. This may include:

  1. Training on Brand Identity: Provide detailed training on brand identity, tone of voice, values, and company goals to ensure that ambassadors have a thorough understanding of the corporate culture.
  2. Offering Incentives: Create incentive programs that recognize and reward the efforts of ambassadors, turning their engagement into an engaging and enjoyable experience. This can be achieved through a gamification process: using contests, leaderboards, prizes, and point systems. This way, the experience of content sharing becomes a real game, engaging participants to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.
  3. Providing Adequate Tools: Ensure that ambassadors have access to tools and resources that facilitate the sharing of corporate content, such as guides or company social platforms. Through a mobile version, employees can share content and promote the brand conveniently from anywhere. Additionally, the app version allows for automated push notifications to encourage participant activity.

In conclusion, identifying and nurturing the best Employee Advocates is a valuable investment for any company. These internal ambassadors, when properly supported and motivated, can become a powerful force to enhance the brand’s reputation and establish meaningful connections with the audience. By implementing the three steps described above, companies can create a team of corporate advocates ready to passionately and authentically promote the organization’s mission and values.

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